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Artist: Jasper String Quartet
Genre: Ensembles and Orchestras
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"As the members of a string quartet, we are incredibly lucky. The four of us have spent the past decade playing together, learning to breathe and move as one. We’re honored to play in the most intimate settings and the top concert halls. Most importantly, the music we play is the best that there is.

Seeking out new pieces to contribute to this conversation is as important, if not more so, as rediscovering the sublime human experience of a Beethoven quartet. The seven pieces on this album represent a collection of treasures we’ve discovered from this century. One of these pieces, Annie Gosfield’s “The Blue Horse Walks on the Horizon” was written expressly for our quartet. The rest we unearthed as we sifted through the vibrant and varied landscape of music being created today. We sought to find a set of pieces that were both enchanting on their own and together represent a cohesive aesthetic. From the immense technical challenges of Judd Greenstein’s “Four on the Floor”, the meditative contemplation of David Lang’s “almost all the time”, to the raw emotion and vivid imagery of Missy Mazzoli’s “Death Valley Junction”, these pieces represent an incredible diversity of sound and style. Yet they all reside comfortably in this wonderful tradition of string quartets, of which we are lucky enough to be a part."

—Jasper String Quartet

Artist: Jasper String Quartet
Composer: Caroline Shaw, Missy Mazzoli, Annie Gosfield, Judd Greenstein, David Lang, Donnacha Dennehy, Ted Hearne

Caroline Shaw
1. Valencia
Missy Mazzoli
2. Death Valley Junction
Annie Gosfield
3. The Blue Horse Walks on the Horizon
Judd Greenstein
4. Four on the Floor
David Lang
5. almost all the time
Donnacha Dennehy
6. Pushpulling
Ted Hearne
7. Excerpts from the middle of something
(from Law of Mosaics)

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