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Artist: Markus Pawlik
Genre: Instrumental
Price: $15.99 
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Sono Luminus is excited to present Snapshots, a stunning collection of short yet brilliant piano works by composers Peter Knell and Sergei Prokofiev, all expertly executed by celebrated pianist Markus Pawlik. 

While composers had written short keyboard pieces for centuries, Ludwig van Beethoven was the first great composer to publish collections of shorter pieces as an organized entity, collections that he called “bagatelles.” Following Beethoven’s precedent, Romantics such as Schubert, Chopin, Mendelssohn, and, especially, Schumann, cultivated the fashionable and lucrative genre of the “character piece.” This tradition continued into the twentieth century with such works as Sergei Prokofiev’s Mimolyotnosti, Op. 22, and the genre is alive and well in our time, as is evinced by Peter Knell’s Snapshots.


Markus Pawlik, piano


Peter Knell, Sergei Prokofiev

Snapshots — Peter Knell
1. I. Delicate, resonant
2. II. Funky, brutal
3. III. Chant-like, slowly
4. IV. Lively
5. V. Resonant
6. VI. Obsessive
7. VII. Triumphant
8. VIII. Driving
9. IX. Bouncy
10. X. Enigmatic
11. XI. Funky
12. XII. Freely, sparse
13. XIII. Energetic
14. XIV. Deadpan, mechanical
15. XV. Flowing
16. XVI. Medium groove
17. XVII. Dramatic
18. XVIII. Dreamlike, freely
19. XIX. Hammered
20. XX. Lilting
21. XXI. Jubilant
22. XXII. Muscular

Visions Fugitives, Op. 22 — Sergei Prokofiev
23. I. Lentamente
24. II. Andante
25. III. Allegretto
26. IV. Animato
27. V. Molto giocoso
28. VI. Con eleganza
29. VII. Pittoresco (Arpa)
30. VIII. Commodo
31. IX. Allegretto tranquillo
32. X. Ridicolosamente
33. XI. Con vivacità
34. XII. Assai moderato
35. XIII. Allegretto
36. XIV. Feroce
37. XV. Inquieto
38. XVI. Dolente
39. XVII. Poetico
40. XVIII. Con una dolce lentezza
41. XIX. Presto agitatissimo e molto accentuato
42. XX. Lento irrealmente

Piano Sonata No. 1 — Peter Knell
43. I. Con Brio
44. II. Largo
45. III. Presto
46. IV. Misterioso
47. V. Feroce

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