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Zelenka: The Capriccios

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Zelenka: The Capriccios

Zelenka: The Capriccios (Blu-ray & CD)
Artist: Bach Sinfonia, The
Genre: Chamber
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      Blu-ray + CD

Sono Luminus proudly presents the first surround sound recording of Zelenka’s five Capriccios. The complex scores have been brought to life under the direction of conductor Daniel Abraham, who also crafted this new edition of the works. This sonic masterpiece of the Baroque is presented using all period instruments including natural horn for the virtuosic horn lines. This album is presented in a 2-disc package containing a Pure Audio Blu-ray™ Surround Sound disc as well as a standard CD.

The Back Sinfonia

Jan Dismas Zelenka

Recorded at 192kHz

      Blu-ray Streams

5.1 - 24bit / 192kHz DTS-HD Master Audio
7.1 - 24bit / 96kHz DTS-HD Master Audio
2.0  - 24bit / 192kHz LPCM


Capriccio in D Major (No. 1), ZWV 182 [c. 1717]
1. Andante–[Allegro]
2. Payson
3. Aria
4. Boureé
5. Menuetto I–II–I da capo

Capriccio in G Major (No. 2), ZWV 183 [January 24, 1718]
6. [Allegro]
7. Canarie–Aria–Canarie da capo
8. Gavotte
9. Rondeau
10. Menuetto–Trio–Menuetto da capo

Capriccio in F Major (No. 3), ZWV 184 [c. 1718]
11. Staccato e forte–Allegro
12. Allemande
13. Menuet–Trio [I]–Menuet da capo–Trio [II]– Menuet da capo
14. [Allegro]

Capriccio in A Major (No. 4), ZWV 185 [October 20, 1718]
15. Allegro assai
16. Adagio
17. Aria 1 (Allegro assai)–Aria 2–Aria 1 da capo
18. In Tempo di Canarie
19. Menuetto I–II–I da capo
20. Andante
21. Payson I–Payson II (Canon in unisono)–Payson I da capo

Capriccio in G Major (No. 5), ZWV 190 [May 18, 1729]
22. [Allegro] Fiero
23. [Menuetto I]– II–I da capo
24. Il Contento–Trio–Il Contento da capo
25. Il Furibundo (Presto Assai)
26. Villanella [I]–[II]–[I] da capo

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