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The Complete Harpsichord Works of Rameau

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The Complete Harpsichord Works of Rameau

The Complete Harpsichord Works of Rameau
Artist: Jory Vinikour
Genre: Instrumental, Multi-Disc
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Nominated for the 55th GRAMMY Awards for Best Classical Instrumental Solo

In an incredible illustration of virtuosic performance, Sono Luminus brings you The Complete Harpsichord Works of Rameau, with world reknowned harpsichordist Jory Vinikour. Rameau’s compositional penchant for combining technical prowess with musical artistry is brilliantly showcased on this two disc set of solo harpsichord music.

Rameau’s output as a composer for solo harpsichord must be considered among the most important in French 18th century keyboard repertoire, along with that of François Couperin. The musical and harmonic ingenuity

demonstrated throughout these works, as well as Rameau’s uniquely idiomatic approach to the harpsichord, ensure these works a permanent place in the repertoire of all harpsichordists.


Jory Vinikour


Jean-Philippe Rameau

Premier Livre de Pièces de Clavecin (1706)
Suite in a minor
1. Prélude
2. Allemande I
3. Allemande II
4. Courante
5. Gigue
6. Sarabande I - Sarabande II
7. La Vénitienne
8. Gavotte
9. Menuet

Suite in e minor
10. Allemande
11. Courante
12. Gigue en Rondeau I
13. Gigue en Rondeau II
14. Le Rappel des Oiseaux
15. Rigaudon I - Rigaudon II et Double
16. Musette en rondeau. Tendrement
17. Tambourin
18. La Villageoise

19. Menuet (Method, 1724)
Suite in D
20. Les Tendres Plaintes
21. Les Niais de Sologne-Premier Double des Niais-Deuxième Double des Niais
22. Les Soupirs
23. La Joyeuse
24. La Follette
25. L’Entretien des Muses
26. Les Tourbillons
27. Le Lardon
28. La Boiteuse
29. Les Cyclopes
30. La Dauphine (1747)

Nouvelles Suites de Pièces de Clavecin (1726–1727)
Suite in a minor
1. Allemande
2. Courante
3. Sarabande
4. Les Trois Mains
5. Fanfarinette
6. La Triomphante
7. Gavotte avec les Doubles de la Gavotte
Pièces de Clavessin (1724)

Suite in G
8. Les Tricotets
9. L’indifférente
10. Menuet I - Menuet II
11. La Poule
12. Les Triolets
13. Les Sauvages
14. L’Enharmonique
15. L’Égyptienne
16. Les Petits Marteaux
(ascribed to Rameau, date unknown)
Rameau’s five transcriptions from Pièces de Clavecin en Concert (1741)
17. La Livri (from the first concert)
18. L’Agaçante (from the second concert)
19. La Timide (from the third concert)
20. L’Indiscrète (from the fourth concert)
21. Claude Balbastre’s (1724-1799) transcription of the Ouverture to Rameau’s Pigmalion

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