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Le Bestiaire

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Le Bestiaire

Le Bestiaire
Artist: Céline Ricci
Genre: Vocal
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In this fascinating and spellbinding album, political satire, fables, and lessons Le 

Bestiaire, ingeniously depicted by soprano Céline Ricci and her pianist and 

collaborator, Daniel Lockert and presented by Sono Luminus.


In this collection of songs by Jeanne Herscher Clément, Henri Sauguet, Jacques Ibert, André Caplet, Gabriel Grovlez, and Déidat de Séverac, the listener becomes entralled with the base concepts of humanity depicted by the words of René de Brimont, Paul Eluard, Charles Baudelaire, Jean de las Fontaine and Prosper Estieu. Often interesting and sometimes amusing, the observation of how animals have been personified in literature throughout the centuries strikes a chord with people of all ages. For Different purposes, authors have made them behave like humans, giving them the capacity to speak, or using them as a symbol for thoughts, feelings or even people. This fascinating disc compiles a succinct anthology of French songs combining well-known poetry with more obscure pieces in order to showcase a variety of human expressions through music.


Céline Ricci, soprano

Daniel Lockert, piano


Henri Sauguet

Déodat de Séverac

Jacques Ibert

André Caplet

Gabriel Grovlez

Jeanne Herscher Clément


Les Animaux et leurs Hommes — Henri Sauguet
1. Cheval
2. Vache
3. Oiseau
4. Chien
5. Chat
6. Poule
7. Porc
8. Chanson pour le Petit Cheval — Déodat de Séverac
9. Les Hiboux — Déodat de Séverac
10. Le Petit Âne Blanc — Jacques Ibert
Trois Fables de La Fontaine — André Caplet
11. Le Corbeau et le Renard
12. La Cigale et la Fourmi
13. Le Loup et l’Agneau
14. Les Ânes — Gabriel Grovlez
15. Chat I — Henri Sauguet
16. Chat II — Henri Sauguet
Le Bestiaire du Paradis — Jeanne Herscher-Clément
17. Le Furet
18. La Truite
19. Le Coq et la Poule
20. L’Araignée
21. La Huppe
22. Le Chat
23. La Chouette
24. La Reine des Abeilles
25. Les Martins-Pêcheurs
26. Le Petit Singe
27. La Mouche
28. Le Psaume du Merle

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