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Sonatas for Baroque Guitar

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Sonatas for Baroque Guitar

Sonatas for Baroque Guitar
Artist: Richard Savino
Genre: Baroque, Instrumental
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World-renowned Guitarist/lutenist Richard Savino masterfully shares his interpretive magic and virtuosity on his first release with Dorian Sono Luminus. This recording features six sonatas from Capricci Armonicci (Harmonic Caprices 1692) by Count Ludovico Roncalli (1654-1713). The music is described by Savino as “….possessing Italianate lyricism combined with a French textural aesthetic.” Consisting of nine ‘suites’ organized by key, it is one of the last publications of Italian music for the five-course baroque guitar printed during this period.

These sonatas, having first been transcribed by Italian Musicologist Oscar Chilosotti 1881, are well known to modern classical guitarists and have long been unavailable on baroque guitar. They are performed on an elegantly crafted instrument copied from an original Antonio Stradavari by José Espejo. The combination of Savino’s technique, interpretation and the beautifully crafted instrument make this album a sonic treat and a must have for all guitar lovers.

Richard Savino’s international performances and recordings have earned him a worldwide reputation as an artist and scholar. He is recognized as a consummate musician and knowledgeable interpreter of the performance practices of many styles and historical periods of music. His acclaimed recordings include the first period instrument version of Luigi Boccherini’s complete Guitar Quintets, Mauro Giuliani’s Op. 30 Concerto, Johann Kaspar Mertz’s Bardenklange, and the music Santiago de Murcia. His recently recorded first volume of the series titled The Essential Giuliani has also received critical acclaim. He is director of he noted chamber ensemble El Mundo which specializes in 17th and 18th century music from Italy, Span and Latin America. He also performs and records with numerous groups including Ensemble Galatea, Santa Fe Opera, Houston Grand Opera, Portland Baroque Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, and Glimmerglass Opera. 

Savino has served for many years as Professor of Music at the California State University, Sacramento, and is also on the faculty of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Cambridge University Press, Editions Chantarelle, and the Indiana University Press have published his research. He has been a featured artist and guest director at numerous festivals throughout the United States and Europe including the Aston Magna Academy at Rutgers University, the Connecticut Early Music Festival and from 1986–998 was Director of the CSU Summer Arts Guitar and Lute Institute. He has studied with Oscar Ghiglia, Eliot Fisk, Albert Fuller, and was twice chosen by Andres Segovia to perform in master-classes in Geneva and New York. He received his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from SUNY, Stony Brook, where he studied under Jerry Willard.


Richard Savino - Guitar


Ludovico Roncalli
Sonata No. 8 Quinto Tuono (C Major)
1) Preludio 0:37
2) Alemanda 2:35
3) Corrente 1:09
4) Gigua 1:25
5) Minuet 0:47
6) Gavotta 0:50

Sonata No. 5 Terzo Tuono (a minor)
7) Preludio 0:54
8) Alemanda 2:51
9) Corrente 1:20
10) Gigua 1:41
11) Sarabanda 1:11
12) Passacaglii 3:22

Sonata No. 1 Ottavo Tuono (G Major)
13) Preludio 1:02
14) Alemanda 3:12
15) Corrente 1:36
16) Gigua 1:24
17) Sarabanda 1:33
18) Gavotta 0:52

Sonata No. 2 Quarto Tuono (e minor)
19) Preludio 0:59
20) Alemanda 3:21
21) Gigua 1:29
22) Sarabanda 2:34
23) Gavotta 0:49

Sonata No. 3 Tuono transportato (b minor)
24) Preludio 1:23
25) Alemanda 3:14
26) Corrente 1:32
27) Sarabanda 1:38
28) Minuet 0:58

Sonata No. 7 Primo Tuono (d minor)
29) Preludio 1:10
30) Alemanda 2:13
31) Gigua 1:43
32) Minuet 0:50
33) Alamanda 2:31
34) Corrente 1:14
35) Sarabanda 1:46

Total run time 55:47

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