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Acis and Galatea: George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)

Acis and Galatea: George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)

Acis and Galatea: George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
Artist: Scholars of London, The
Genre: Vocal, Choral, Organ, Choral & Vocal
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The story of Acis, Galatea and Polyphemus comes from Theocritus in the 3rd century B.C. via the Roman poet Ovid who treated the myth in verse in his Metamorphoses.   . . .   The libreto for Handel's Acis and Galatea was by John Gay and can be considered as one of the finest in the English language.
 - David van Asch

GALATEA • Kym Amps, Soprano
ACIS • Robin Doveton, Tenor
DAMON • Angus Davidson, Countertenor
POLYPHEMUS • David van Asch, Bass
The Scholars of London Baroque Ensemble
Ryo Terekado, Violin I
William Thorp, Violin II
Pl Banda, Violoncello
Jan Spencer, Violone
Alayne Leslie, Oboe I
Rowena Ellis, Oboe II
Nancy Hadden, Flute / Recorder
Terence Charlston, Harpsichord


George Frideric Handel
1. Sinfonia 3:28
2. Chorus: O the pleasure of the plains 5:50
3. Recitative (Galatea): Ye verdant plains 0:41
4. Air (Galatea): Hush, ye pretty warbling choir 3:44
5. Air (Acis): Where shall I seek the charming fair? 3:32
6. Recitative (Damon): Stay, shepherd, stay 0:24
7. Air (Damon): Shepherd, what art thou pursuing? 4:34
8. Recitative (Acis): Lo! here my love 0:25
9. Air (Acis): Love in her eyes sits playing 3:54
10. Recitative (Galatea): O didst thou know 0:18
11. Air (Galatea): As when the dove laments her love 3:51
12. Duet (Galatea & Acis): Happy we! 1:56
13. Chorus: Wretched lovers 4:13
14. Recitative (Polyphemus): I rage, I melt, I burn 1:28
15. Air (Polyphemus): O ruddier than the cherry 3:02
16. Recitative (Polyphemus & Galatea): Whither, fairest, art thou running? 1:20
17. Air (Polyphemus): Cease to beauty to be suing 5:27
18. Recitative (Acis): His hideous love 0:26
19. Air (Acis): Love sounds the alarm 2:50
20. Air (Damon): Consider, fond shepherd 4:13
21. Recitative (Galatea): Cease, O cease 0:23
22. Trio (Galatea, Acis & Polyphemus): The flocks shall leave the mountain 2:03
23. Recitative (Acis): Help, Galatea 1:16
24. Chorus: Mourn, all ye Muses 4:22
25. Solo (Galatea) & Chorus: Must I my Acis still bemoan? 4:18
26. Recitative (Galatea): ‘Tis done 0:25
27. Air (Galatea): Heart, the seat of soft delight 3:23
28. Chorus: Galatea, dry thy tears 2:48
Total Program Length: 74:22

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