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Cascade of Roses : A Piano Bouquet

Cascade of Roses : A Piano Bouquet

Cascade of Roses : A Piano Bouquet
Artist: Janice Weber
Genre: Solo Instrumental
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gift not only for music lovers, Cascade of Roses: A Piano Bouquet matches piano works (many previously unrecorded) about roses to printed poetry and images of corresponding roses. This also marks the debut recording of pianist Janice Weber with Dorian Sono Luminus.

    Pianist Janice Weber plays a repertoire of “rose” pieces by composers well known, vaguely known, and unknown as well as pieces recently resurrected from anonymity. These twenty-one takes on the rose are as individual as the composer, but all prevail affection for the “sweetest flower.” Examples of this are shown by how composer Eduard Poldini (1869-1957) portrays an image of blossoms nodding in the prairie wind in Beauty of the Prairies, and how “The English Gershwin” Billy Mayerl (1902-1959) enjoyed gardening, which inspired the winsome Evening Primrose (1945).


Janice Weber 

Joseph Ascher
Heino Kaski
Walter Niemann
Adolf Jensen
Ede Poldini
Ethelbert Nevin
Marie Trautmann Jaell
Scott Joplin
Harvey Loomis
Julius Zarembski
Edward MacDowell
Elliot Griffis
Ernest Dale
John Wesley Work
Haydn Wood
Billy Mayerl
Frederick D'Erlanger
Reynaldo Hahn
Ernest de Regge 
1. Ascher-The Cascade of Roses
2. Kaski-Das Madchen im Rosengarten
3. Niemann-Rosen am Gartenhaus
4. Niemann-Gelbe Rosen
5. Jensen-Weisse Rose
6. Poldini-Beauty of the Prairies
7. Nevin-Mighty Lak' a Rose
8. Jaell-Roses Fletries
9. Joplin-Rose Leaf Rag
10. Loomis-Rose of Yesteryear
11. Zarembski-Les Roses et Les Epines
12. MacDowell-To a Wild Rose
13. Griffis-Yellow Rose (Mazurka)
14. Dale-Damask Rose (Reverie)
15. Work-Big Bunch of Roses
16. Wood-Roses of Picardy
17. Mayerl-Evening Primrose
18. D'Erlanger-Midnight Roses Waltz
19. Hahn-La Rose de Blida
20. Strauss/Giesen
21.Schubert/Liszt-Die Rose
22. De Regge-The Last Rose of Summer

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