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The English Lute Song

The English Lute Song

The English Lute Song
Artist: Julianne Baird, Ronn McFarlane
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The lute songs of earlier Elizabethan times, such as those by Campion, Dowland and Morley are distinguished by directness, relative simplicity of vocal line, and musical fidelity to the rhythm of the text.   Furthermore, throughout the Renaissance and early Baroque, in England as in no other country, song was shaped by the firm authority of poets, who took a dim view of the singer who might "hide the light of sense with divisions.
- Julianne Baird

Julianne Baird, soprano
Ronn McFarlane, lute


Robert Johnson
Thomas Morley
N. Lanier
Alfonso Ferrabosco
J. Wilson
Thomas Campion
Thomas Brewer
William Webb


1. This Merry Pleasant Spring / Anon.
2. Woods, Rocks and Mountains* / Robert Johnson (c. 1583-1633)
3. April is in My Mistress' Face / Thomas Morley (1557-1602)
4. No More Shall Meads be Deck'd With Flow'rs / N. Lanier (1588-1666)
5. Lute Solo:The French King's Masque / Anon.
6. Come My Celia / Alfonso Ferrabosco (before 1578-1628)
7. O Death, Rock Me Asleep / Anon.
8. Where the Bee Sucks / Johnson
9. Full Fathom Five / Johnson
10. Come Away, Hecate / Johnson
11. The Willow Song / Anon.
12. Lute Solo:Alman, "Hit and Take It" / Johnson
13. Dear, Do Not Your Fair Beauty Wrong* / J. Wilson (1595-1674)
14. Come Hither You That Love / Johnson
15. Have You Seen But a White Lily Grow* / Johnson
16. I Must Complain / Anon.
17. Nothing on Earth / Anon.
18. Fain Would I Wed / Thomas Campion (1567-1620)
19. Miserere, My Maker / Anon.
20. O That Mine Eyes / Thomas Brewer (1611-c. 1665)
21. Lute Solo:Alman / Johnson
22. Care, Charming Sleep / Johnson
23. Cupid is Venus' Only Joy / Anon.
24. O Let Us Howl* / Johnson
25. As Life What is so Sweet / William Webb (c.1600-after 1656)
26. Turn, Turn Thy Beauteous Face Away! / Wilson
27. Take, O Take Those Lips Away / Wilson
* = Lute realization from an unfigured bass by Lucy Cross

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