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Lie Down, Poor Heart

Lie Down, Poor Heart

Lie Down, Poor Heart
Artist: Daniel Taylor - Sylvain Bergeron
Genre: Acoustic/Folk/Traditional
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It probably was inevitable that Canadian countertenor Daniel Taylor at some point would undertake such repertoire, form-fitted to the sweet, lyrical timbre and tone of this gifted singer's instrument. (Alfred Deller and Andreas Scholl are two notable if very different countertenors who already have mined much of this same repertoire on their own superb recordings.) And good for him that he's teamed here with Sylvain Bergeron, one of the world's foremost masters of the lute and theorbo, who performs and records with such groups as La Nef and Les Violons du Roy. As his work on this recording shows, his playing exudes the kind of purity and naturalness we normally associate with the intimate expressiveness of a singer--and that's what makes him such a sensitive accompanist for vocalists. His interpretive decisions, often predominantly improvisatory, are unfailingly tasteful, always in tune with and never overshadowing his partner(s). Bergeron's full-bodied instrument makes a perfect match with Taylor's voice, recorded in the ideal acoustics of Dorian's favorite venue, the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall.
As for Taylor, his effortless legatos, seamless traversals from lowest to highest register, and his gentle-mannered phrasing establishes, sustains, indeed revels in, the melancholy themes of the songs. And I do mean melancholy. You've never heard "I will give my love an apple" in such a mournfully longing mood as here, with its modal melody and minor harmonic cast. The program proceeds from one song to the next almost without interruption, a continuous outpouring of one person's deeply felt emotions, sung to himself, to the moonlit night air, the trees, and to a distant, lost, unknowing lover. After five unrelentingly sad tracks, including a lute solo, the pace and mood temporarily picks up with Robert Jones' cautiously hopeful 17th-century tune "What if I seek for love of thee". But then, a return to what must be reality for this wounded soul as he sings the title song, also by Jones, which ends "Lie down and die, and then thou shalt do well." If this sounds like just too much of a "downer" or if you're just not into musical/poetic expressions of the "pain and sorrow" of love, beware of this disc. But those who can appreciate the bitter, poignant beauty of some of the repertoire's most simple and heartfelt expressions of universal human experience won't find truer or more sympathetic advocates than performers Taylor and Bergeron, and their (mostly anonymous) composer accomplices.

--David Vernier,

Daniel Taylor
Sylvain Bergeron


Daniel Taylor
Sylvain Bergeron

1. O Waly, Waly
2. I Will Give My Love An Apple
3. Black Is The Colour
4. The Isle Of Aigas
5. Mary, Young And Fair
6. What If I Seek For Love Of Thee
7. Lie Down, Poor Heart
8. Say, Love, If Ever Thou Dist Find
9. Sorrow Stay
10. I Saw My Lady Weep
11. Never Weather-Beaten Sails
12. Prelude
13. A Corranto
14. Cuperaree
15. A Coranto
16. Grays Iron Mask
17. The Fairy Masque
18. The Three Ravens
19. Howm Againe Markget Is Done
20. Joane To The May Pole

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