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Danse Royale

Danse Royale

Danse Royale
Genre: Ensembles and Orchestras
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When one thinks of dance music at the French baroque court of Louis XIV, visions of lavish productions involving orchestras, choruses, dancers and actors immediately come to mind.   Indeed, there were countless ballets, operas, and divertissements which all employed large numbers and varieties of instruments and players.   The opera Alceste, for example, is said to have employed no less than 30 lutes in the orchestra, and one of the most famous fêtes, a celebration which took place in Versailles in 1664, required "a small army" of entertainers, including many musicians, to amuse over six hundred invited guests over the course of nine days!   . . .   Louis XIV adored music and dance, and therefore surrounded himself with it from the moment he awoke until he dropped off to sleep.   For this purpose, the monarch chose the best vocalists, lutenists, gambists, harpsichordists and violinists to entertain as he saw fit.
- Julie Andrijeski

Julie Andrijeski, Violin
Emily Davidson, Violin
Patricia Halverson, Viola da Gamba
Scott Pauley, Theorbo & Baroque Guitar
Danny Mallon, Guest Percussionist



Suite Italienne
1. Symphonie de Logistile - Jean-Baptiste Lully
2. Ritournelle d'alma mia - Michel-Richard de Lalande
3. [Untitled 6/4] - Anon.
4. Plainte Italienne de Psyche - Lully
5. Premier Aire - Lully
6. Les Oyseaux - Lully
7. La Chaconne d'Amadis - Lully
L'Empire de l'amour - René de Béarn, Marquis de Brassac
8. Les Mortels: Ritournelle
9. Les Genies: Deuxième Air. Rondeau
10. Les Dieux: Psiché Ritournelle
11. Prologue: Sarabande
12. Les Dieux: Deuxième Air. Musette
13. Les Dieux: Premier Tambourin
Le Divertissement Royal
14. Ritournelle des Amazons - Lully
15. Trio de Monsieur Charpentier - Marc-Antoine Charpentier
16. Jouissons - Lully
17. Tu m'abandone Ingrat Tircis - Anon.
18. Ritournelle - Anon.
19. Les Contrefaisseurs - Lully
20. Passacaille d'Armide - Lully
Trios pour le coucher du Roy - Lully
21. Premier Trio [Symphonie]
22. 2a. Trio en suitte
23. Sarabande
24. 4a. Trio en suitte "dans nos bois"
25. Minuet, "La jeune Iris me fait"
26. Ritournelle de Scocapur
27. Meuet en suitte
28. 2nd Menuet en suitte
29. 3rd Menuet en suitte
Suite Pastorale
30. La March Royalle - André Danican Philidor
31. Beaux yeux de climenne - Anon.
32. Le beau berger Tirsis/Belle et charmante Brune/Tirsis - Anon.
33. Laissons la nos troupeaux - Anon.
34. Vodevilles - Anon.
35. De dans mon petit redhuy - Anon.
36. Menuet almants - Anon.
37. Vodeville - Anon.
38. La Muzette de Mr.Mouret - Jean-Joseph Mouret
39. Le Cotillion en suitte - Mouret
40. Menuet almants - Anon.
Total Program Length: 64.55

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