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Music of Russian Princesses

Music of Russian Princesses

Music of Russian Princesses
Artist: Talisman
Genre: Orchestral
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The Western listener will hardly be aware of any Russian composers from this period, let alone of any women composers.   In fact, these Russian women composers of the 18th century were also rather thoroughly forgotten in their home country.   Only rarely do they make it onto the pages of music history textbooks.   This is somewhat surprising, since some of these composers left music of extremely high quality that would decorate any recital of 18th-century music.
- Oleg Timofeyev, Moscow, October 2001

Oleg Timofeyev, Russian Seven-String Guitar, Artistic Director
Anne Harley, Soprano, Co-Director
Irina Rees, Harpsichord
Etienne Abelin, Baroque Violin


1. Polonaise • C. de Licoschin (ca.1800) 3:17
2. Dérobe ta lumière • Princess N. de Kourakine (1755-1831) 2:29
3. Roses d’amour • Countess V. N. Golovine (1766-1821) 3:07
4. Sonata, first movement • E. A. Siniavina (d.1784) 7:02
5. Quand nos jours • Princess Kourakine 3:50
6. T’amo tanto • Princess Kourakine 3:06
7. Minuet • Siniavina 3:34
8. Loin de l’objet de mon amour • Mlle. (1796) 2:25
9. Variations on Andante Favori by Mlle. N. de Veriguine (1795) • Mr. Bauerschmidt 8:29
10. Thémire fuit • Princess V. N. Dolgorouky (1769-1849) 2:59
11. Je vais donc quitter pour jamais (words by J. P. Florian) • Princess Kourakine 3:59
12. Variations on a romance by Princess Kourakine (1797) • G. Tepper de Ferguson 10:25
13. I am Banished to the Desert • attr. to M. V. Zubova (1749-1799) 3:48
14. On the Hills • attr. to M. L. Naryshkina (ca.1766-after 1802) 3:36
Total Program Length: 62:00

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